Sheldrybox Studios is a small, independent game-dev company located in Juarez City. We are committed to developing videogames rich in artistic value and deep in lore. Our games are focused toward being of excellent artistic quality, so they connect with every player that interacts with them.


Ricardo founded the company in 2008, while he was in middle school. Initially, Sheldrybox Studios was a brand dedicated to any form of entertainment. It all started as a YouTube channel that uploaded random videos. Later, Sheldrybox Studios evolved to become a game development studio. in 2014, key members joined the team, including Misael A. Valenzuela and Guillermo Benavides, Nicolle Acosta, and Saul Nuñez. That year their first big project started development: Project Reborn, this game would evolve to become Beacon The Awakening.

Beacon The Awakening

This is the first major project Sheldrybox Studios has developed. It is a puzzle-based platformer with hand-painted art and frame by frame animation. The game’s soundtrack was composed by Sheldrybox’s own musicians and recorded through live performances of each track. Sixteen being the average age for the team, we were some of the youngest to venture into game development. The team brainstormed to come up with a design for the characters, and simultaneously Ricardo came up with the game’s mechanics.


Beacon The Awakening, 2018
The Unthinkable Thought Machine, TBA

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