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Beacon The Awakening is our first major video game, it was designed by Richard Sotomayor (story, characters and mechanics) with later improvements by the dev team, the game consist of two chapters, each one with entirely different gameplay, the first one it's being developed since 2014 and it will be ready by 2017 for PC and Steam, it features hand painted scenarios, original music and frame by frame animations.

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The Story

Something wakes him up.

His head hurts. His right arm has some bloody scratches. A backpack weights on his back, and he quickly searches its insides, finding some bandages that he uses to wrap up his injuries.

He looks around himself and stands up. A big bright light glows through the woods in the horizon and he realizes he doesn’t know where he is. He doesn’t remember anything before waking up.

Seeing he doesn’t have a lot of options, he decides to walk towards the wood and the mysterious light that’s beckoning him.

Beacon the Awakening has a short and emotional story. The game explores “close to home” subjects such as love, fear, loneliness, life, and death. With an ambiguous nature, the story won’t tell you anything directly, instead giving you details and it will be up to the player to make their own interpretations and conclusions, making each player’s playthrough and experience different.

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The Gameplay

In Beacon the Awakening you will travel from area to area by solving interesting puzzles that will require you to think out of the box. You will use your enemies and make them work in your favor by making them open doors or get rid of stronger enemies. However, it isn’t always smart to interfere with nature; as you are an ordinary man in the game, sometimes it’s best to use your environment and the tools it provides.

The levels are structured in a semi-linear way, which makes it possible to finish the game just by walking right, avoiding enemies and solving puzzles you come across. But in order to see “the light” and everything that the game has to offer, you will need to explore and find secrets that will trigger new events throughout the game and will give you more clues to fully understand the story.

Beacon will give the average player a 3 to 4 hour gameplay, with an extra 3 hours with the second chapter coming out a few months after release. The gameplay can be doubled for dedicated players who want to “Follow the Light”.

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The Art

Beacon the Awakening features hand-painted backgrounds that bring the diverse world to life: explore strange forests, abstract beaches, and magical caves all thanks to our meticulously designed visuals that’ll immerse you into this strange world.

In terms of animation, each character and cinematic features frame by frame animation, made in professional animation software in the standard speed of 24 fps. The special effects included in the game are also done by hand and rendered through the game engine, all of them carefully selected to create the best visuals that we can.

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The Music

We’ve created a fully original soundtrack, filled with beautiful pieces that focus on setting the mood to immerse the player into the story. Each of the songs has been traditionally recorded and mastered, and they feature keyboards, cellos, violins, drums, and guitars.

We want our players to feel the complete experience of the game. That’s why each song takes you to different places and emotions that, along with the art and gameplay, create an interesting aesthetic of mystery, sadness, fear, and liberation.

Our music is now available on Spotify, Apple Music/Itunes and Google Play!.
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Thank you

In the 25th of July, 2017, the Kickstarter campaign of Beacon The Awakening ended with a 108% of its goal, we just wanted to show some gratitude to everyone who made this possible: our fans, backers, family, friends and the media people who belived in us.

Our kickstarter Backers:

  • Erika Donjuan Callejo
  • Vero
  • Pablo Donjuan
  • Al Romaithi
  • Mario Sotomayor
  • Alba Medina
  • Jese Armando Molina Gutierrez
  • Héctor Miguel Samaniego Gámez
  • Juan Carlos Palacios
  • Elena Venegas
  • Mauro Ponce
  • Fernando Donjuan
  • Brian Crawford
  • John
  • Luis Alberto Muñoz Piñon
  • Carmen Hayde
  • Monica Flores
  • Hasvers
  • Rosa Callejo
  • Sylvia
  • Jorge Aguirre
  • Cely
  • Andrea Herrera
  • Octavio Ricoh
  • Tere Callejo
  • Daniel Franco Saenz
  • Michelle
  • Aldo Vega
  • Igor Chernishenko
  • Jacob Prieto
  • Felipe Navarro
  • Jonatan Anguiano
  • John Jerome
  • Miguel Valadez
  • Fernando Torres
  • Evan Waninger
  • Arthur Bruin
  • Claudia Contreras
  • Michel Ramirez
  • Rafael Zamudio
  • Yamilex Holpe
  • Liev Contreras
  • J. Rodriguez
  • Olga Lucia Mantilla
  • Wilfredo Quiñonez
  • Daniel Moriel
  • Max Juchheim
  • Rebeca Carrera
  • Pan
  • Sanghyun Song
  • Ivette
  • Cinthia Garcia
  • Karen Dayánare
  • Juan H. Campos
  • Daniel Moriel
  • Raúl Álavrez López
  • Sofia Ortega Soto
  • Carlos Noe
  • Thania Gamboa
  • Mercy Martinez
  • Guillermo Salas
  • Megan Fitch
  • Brenda Quinones
  • Zelby Nelson
  • Mark Clerkin
  • Vshadow
  • Hector Serrato
  • Javier Méndez
  • Ana Portillo
  • John Straka
  • Cesar Lopez
  • Alex Hakobian
  • Shadow Knights Studio
  • Shaun Slade
  • Yuren Oziel Gonzalez Ramirez
  • Lorena Beltran
  • Iosif Kazakov
  • José Valdez
  • Emmanuel Alejandro Parada Licea
  • Carmen Marin
  • Jérôme Fernandez
  • Pamela Lara
  • Daphne Selegna Vázquez
  • Noel Schornhorst
  • Jesus Urrutia
  • Miguel Angel Callejo Ramirez
  • Hector Nuñez
  • Josefina Arias
  • Nicolás Gaytán Arámburo
  • Hugo
  • Laura Verenice Callejo Navarro
  • Saúl
  • Ricardo Alex
  • Fernando Chavez
  • Ku Hap
  • Zachary Peters
  • Christian Topp
  • Jardras
  • Antonino Aguilar Milo
  • Marc Pierre
  • Claudia Sansores
  • Mario Valenzuela
  • Haydee Rodarte
  • Hector angel
  • Juan Elizondo
  • Jesus Vega
  • Liliana Martinez
  • Alejandro Vega
  • Carlos Orozco
  • Juan Carlos Heredia

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