Our History

A small summary of our history.
Ricardo F. Sotomayor founded the company in 2008, while he was in middle school, but it didn't started operations until February 2009, that's the year were Sheldrybox Studios formally came to fruition, initially, Sheldrybox Studios was a brand dedicated to any form of entertainment. It all started as a YouTube channel that uploaded random, comedic, videos, all of them of a cringy nature, the channel gather a some what large following (in 2008, youtube standards that is).
During this year, Sheldrybox made monthly based sketches and comedy videos, but at the same time Ricardo F. Sotomayor realized that he wanted to create something related to his passion: Videogames. He started to investigate everything needed to create a videogame, bought easy to use software (FPS Creator, RPG Maker and Unity) and started the development of three simultaneous videogame projects: "Ciudad Obscura", "X" and "Warzone".
Now with an objective in mind, Ricardo divided the Sheldrybox Team in two, one dedicated to make dumb videos and the other dedicated to the creation of interactive media, that later started to make early prototype builds in FPS Creator, all of them playable, and really nice looking but in the end they weren't really good enough.

In this year, the entire Sheldrybox Team was graduating "Secundaria" (The mexican equivalent of Middle School), all of the members went to diferent high schools, which resulted with the entire team splitting from Sheldrybox Studios, Ricardo then, started to search help online and moved to Unreal Engine to make his prototype game while in high school.

In this year he also meet Guillermo Benavides and Misael Valenzuela and became best friends.

After months of trying and failing, Ricardo realized that he didn't had the talent nor the knowledge to create the games he wanted to, so he put them all in hiatus and started from scratch. Now with a lot more of experience, Ricardo started to learn programming, design and animation in a formal way, going into classes and buying online courses.

He told Guillermo his vision and convinced him to joing Sheldrybox Studios, which he did, and started to to the same as Ricardo: Learning as much as he could about the different areas of game development.

During this year, Sheldrybox Studios had a rebirth, and entire rebranding now with a clear and formal objective, Ricardo erased all of the online content Sheldrybox Studios had created until that point and just keep them in backup hardrives and in the archives of the website, which he redisigned entirely with the help of his Uncle: Pablo Donjuan.

Misael Valenzuela joined the team after being convinced with the now shared vision of Guillermo Benavides and Ricardo Sotomayor.

One night Ricardo had a dream and came excited the next moring to Guilermo and Misael about a game he had a dream about, they thought it was a cool idea and started pre-production on the project in June 2014.

After a few months of the project being in pre-production they recruited Nicolle Acosta, and artist/animator, and Saúl Nuñes a programmer, to help with the game, then, Daniel Franco, Alonso Altamira and Marlon Garcia joined to help with design and media managment.

The project was codenamed: Project Reborn, now known as Beacon The Awakening.

During this entire year, the movie: INDIE GAME: THE MOVIE, was a huge inspiration for the team, they saw it weekly to boost their moral.

In this year a lot of things happened, Daniel Franco, Marlon Garcia and Alonso Altamira left the team in order to persue personal ventures.

The game got his first animations, cinematics and levels, all of that took almost the entire year, since all of them were no that experienced in their respective areas.

During Q4 of the year, the team was invited to a massive event in their city called: Juárez Creativa, to give a presentation and have a booth in which they could promote their game and sell merchandise, they worked non stop during 2 months straight with 12 hour shfts in order to have everything that needed for the event: Merchandise, prints, T-shirts, and a Trailer, the talented artist Mariana Mendoza joined the team to help with all of this.

The event was a huge success with thousands of attendees and put Sheldrybox Studios in the map, however, the team realized something, they were not fulfilled.

After Juárez Creativa, the team realized that the art was not good enough, the game was just not good enough, it surprised everyone in the event, but it wasn't at the same level as all of the other indie studios they came to love and admire, so they took the most bold desicion they could: They ereased everything they had and started from scratch, Ricardo became the head art director and worked close with Nicolle and Mariana to create a new and improved artstyle.

They worked incredibly hard to create the entire game from scratch in less than a year.

By the end of the year, Mariana left the team to pursue work in a different industry, but she left enough for the team to continue working, and they did.

After years of development a DEMO and a new trailer was long overdue, however they weren't confident enough to show them, the thing about bussiness is that they don't care about what you want, now with publishing plans in mind, they came across their first big problem: Money.

Money was necessary for the publication of the game and growth of the company, seeing that they didn't had a lot of option, they took their second most crucial desicion and made a Kickstarter.

The Kickstarter launched on June 20, this attracted the attention of several local, national and international news outlets, it took a lot of work, but in the last day, the campaign reached 108% of it's goal thanks to over 100 backers.

Now, they are working on publishing the demo, which will be playable by small group of people across the contry through a live event in several cities.

The game is schedule to be finished by December 2017. with an early launch in November.

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