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We are a small, independent company dedicated to create artistic, funny, creative, original, and high-quality games and content.

We are located in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, México.

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What we do:

Game Development

We create high-quality, original, and fun games for multiple platforms. Our objective is to make videogames better as a whole, focusing on giving a product with a great story, gameplay and beautiful visuals and music.

Creative Services

We don’t keep our talents to ourselves. Sheldrybox also offers creative solutions such as video and audio production, web development, and illustrations to anyone that may need them.

The Team

Richard Sotomayor

CEO, Founder, Game Director, Art Director.

+52 1 656 276 22 40

"What have I done."

Guillermo Benavides

CFO, Game Director, Music Director.

+52 1 656 130 0847

"I want to die"

Misael Valenzuela

Manager, Animator, Musician.

+52 1 656 138 10 03

“I don’t feel pain anymore.”

Nicolle Acosta

Artist and Animator

+52 1 656 705 83 61


Saúl Nuñes

Programmer and Slave

+52 1 656 376 43 66

"I can´t feel my legs anymore, send help, I don't know where I am"

Ever Prieto

Artist, Colorist. and Charles Manson Impresonator.

"I´m not a homeless"


Intern Artist

+52 1 656 620 93 35

"I'm NOT this weird in real life I promise"

Tony Soledad

Audio Magician

+52 1 656 311 49 85

"I like to run like Naruto"

Marina Caballero

Marketing and Money stuff

+52 1 656 202 3229

"I´m Richard's wife and I also like to run like Naruto"
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Our Achievements


In the first ever edition of this event here in Ciudad Juárez Sheldrybox was invited to give a conference to more than a thousand attendees and we were able to show our game, Beacon the Awakening, for the very first time. We were able to gather with fans, several economists, and businesspeople in attendance. you can read more about it HERE
also, you can watch a small "best moments" compilation we did, just go to our History Archive

Talking games at Tecmilenio

After the success of Juárez Creativa we were invited by our university to talk with students and teachers about videogames and the overall process of making one.

Successful Kickstarter Campaign: Beacon The Awakening

After 3 years of work, we needed funds to publish our game in the way we intended to, over 100 of you backed our campaign, helping us in the process to achieve our dreams, THANK YOU

Press Start:Game development talk at Technology Hub - Juárez

During the kickstarter campaign of our game Beacon The Awakening, we were invited to talk about it and the general process of game development by Technology Hub, in our own Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua. you can see the entire talk in our History Archive

Multiple Articles

In our more than 5 year history, there had been a bunch of articles about us, you can read some of them in our History Archive


We've been interviewed a lot of times, specially in the year 2017, thanks to the kickstarter of our game Beacon The Awakening, you can see some of our interviews in our History Archive
(Note: most of them are in spanish)

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